Process Management Auditing for ISO 9001:2008

Ian Rosam and Rob Peddle

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Adam Wilson, MBCS


8 out of 10

Process Management Auditing for ISO 9001:2008This guide is the third of the new three part set, offered by the BSI in collaboration with the High Performance Organisation Group Ltd:

The last guide in the series focuses on the processes, skills, knowledge and mentality for auditing effectiveness. The guide explains that this is a different form of auditing, in comparison to compliance auditing although many of the auditing best practices are shared between the two.

The book starts with several concise chapters, describing process management and the theory behind ISO 9001:2008 and quality. These chapters are useful as a refresher to the subject and are clear and to the point, with easy-to-understand diagrams, in particular figure 3.2, which shows the different levels of auditing against the business levels of system, processes and procedures.  

The main section guides you through the typical auditing process; from planning, interviewing, data collection, analysis and reporting. These sections are deceptively simple, but really help to inform a trainee auditor how to perform an audit from start to finish. An example is the clear description of an audit plan and what it should include.

A chapter covering the qualities that a good auditor should possess should not be undervalued and perhaps should be read first. It will help you decide if you want to be an auditor and what area you may need to improve.

The appendix of the book includes a large section of example audit questions, an audit procedure and schedule. The questions provide a good starting point for the novice auditor, before going on to discover their own style.

In conclusion this book represents good value for money to the new auditor or one who needs a general reminder of modern auditing principles. Many of the sections provide a good introduction to the subject, but some are too general and leave you wanting examples. The book would make a good auditor course text book, as the trainer could provide the details (stories) based on their experience.

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March 2010