Group to focus on geospatial technology

4 April 2006

World Map The inaugural meeting of a new BCS Geospatial Specialist Group is to be held on 8 May at BCS offices in London. All interested members are invited to attend.

The creation of the new group is in response to the growth in use of geospatial technology in a wide range of IT systems, and its increasing visibility to the business and the public.

A steering group, headed by Dr Iain Cooke, chief technical officer, Tadpole Technology Geospatial Solutions Division, felt that the BCS needed a focus for those involved in or interested in the technology. This would help members to understand the issues and best practices associated with it and keep members informed.

At the first meeting, the group's committee will be formally adopted, with an election if necessary, and Ed Parsons, Chief Technical Officer of Ordnance Survey, will give a presentation.

The group's areas of interest will include mapping technology and should provide a forum for sharing a wide range of experiences.

Geospatial technology has recently become much more prominent in the public view and the media after the launch of Google Earth and other Google and Microsoft geospatial sites, and the increasing availability of in-car navigation systems and location-based services on mobile phones.

It is now mission critical for a number of industries, particularly the utilities, and a key business tool for forward-thinking organizations in other sectors such as retail and insurance.

Government interest in geospatial is also rising fast, with the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister particularly active in promoting use of geospatial technology in central and local government.

Provision of geospatial technology has extended beyond specialist niche vendors to broad-view ‘horizontal application’ organizations such as Microsoft, Oracle, and Google. 

Doors will open for the first meeting at 6pm with kick-off at 6.30pm. Registration is required in advance. Contact: Dan Rickman (, a member of the steering group.