IT Induction and Information Security Awareness: A Pocket Guide

Valerie Maddock

Published by

IT Governance Publishing





Reviewed by

Peter Wheatcroft CEng FIET FBCS CITP FCMI


10 out of 10

IT Induction and Information Security Awareness: A Pocket GuideThis is a gem of a handbook that covers just about everything an IT department needs to know about putting together an IT induction programme. It’s a slim volume but one that packs considerable content into its seven chapters and is written by an IT Industry Awards finalist with considerable experience and expertise in the topic being covered.

As befits the organisation the author works for - The Salvation Army - volunteers are included alongside the usual employees, contractors and third party staff that need to be included in an induction programme. As the title describes, the book covers both security awareness and the use of IT facilities and so will have wide appeal.

A clear distinction is made between the role of a subject matter expert (SME) providing content for induction programmes and the function that may end up delivering it - and good advice is offered on the respective roles of HR and IT, which supports what the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) have long recommended. One important area that is also covered is refresher training as facilities change or are moved, and the scope of induction also - importantly - includes senior executives.

The author provides a comprehensive list of indicative content covering many areas not often considered in a classical induction approach and the way The Salvation Army approached their IT induction programme is included as a case study. The style of writing is easy to read and assimilate and this book is commended to anyone who needs to scope and deliver an introduction to IT facilities and / or information security for their staff, contractors, third party employees and - importantly - their volunteers.

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May 2010