Network and System Security

John R. Vacca (ed.)

Published by

Syngress Media





Reviewed by

Jim McGhie CEng, MBCS, CITP


8 out of 10

Network and System SecurityNetwork and System Security is edited by John Vacca, an information technology consultant and well known best-selling author based in the USA. The thirteen chapters in this book are provided by experts in their own field and cover a diverse range of topics.

A comprehensive introduction to each segment is provided at the start of the book. The content of each chapter is fully described and its relation to the overall topic of network and system security is explained in detail.

The first chapter sets the scene for the remainder of the book. It deals in depth with the issues likely to be encountered when attempting to build a secure organisation and provides an insight into how to go about building a secure organisation.

Subsequent chapters deal with: system intrusion; UNIX and Linux security; internet security; intranet security; LAN security; wireless network security; cellular network security and RFID security, all in the same manner as the first chapter.

The only exception is the chapter entitled ‘A Cryptography Primer’, which explains the role and development of cryptography from its beginnings through to the present day.

This a desk reference volume that provides wide-ranging coverage of the subject matter along with methods of analysis and problem solving techniques to help the reader understand the material.

Whilst aimed primarily at network security professionals, the book also contains valuable information and guidance for project managers working alongside security staff, possibly as part of their wider project responsibility.

There is a small amount of duplication between the chapters that could have been eliminated by the editor exercising more rigour over the individual contributions. However, I have no hesitation in awarding the book eight out of ten for its approach, treatment of the subject matter and coverage of the material it contains.

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August 2010