Online video market is 'exploding'


The internet is fast becoming a huge platform for video advertising content, it has been suggested.

Jamie Estrin, managing director of Web TV Enterprise, said the online video advertising market is currently 'exploding'.

'Advertisers are investing heavily into this space because they're seeing a great ROI,' he said.

The comments come despite a recent report by Deloitte which showed that only three per cent of people feel online video advertising is the most appealing, compared to television, which took the majority of the vote (56 per cent).

'They've been testing the market for the past 12 to 18 months and now they're investing heavily because they have seen great returns. I genuinely believe that that survey is completely flawed,' Mr Estrin added.

However, another recent report by digital media research agency, Connect Insight, also showed that just 17 per cent of internet users define online advertising as 'impactful and appealing'.