Google Instant is 'not that radical'


Google Instant, the search giant's newest online search tool is not that radical', it has been claimed.

Sam Tilston, director of, said the platform is very similar to Google's previous 'Suggest' tool with the added feature of automatic results.

The expert also said that Google Instant could supersede the regular version of the search engine in the near future.

However, he claimed this may not necessarily be because of user enthusiasm for the format.

'As Google Instant is being rolled out internationally and it's quite difficult to find where to turn it off I think it will supersede Google Classic,' he commented.

He added that Google Instant could also undergo a series of changes in the future, saying: 'Google Instant could evolve into predicting if the search is for images, news or video and displaying the best media type relevant to the search.'

Google Instant launched last month and allows users to see real-time results as they type a search term without having to complete their search.