Govt aiming to 'reduce ICT costs and improve services'


The coalition government's plans with regard to information and communication technology (ICT) are to reduce spending in the short term but ultimately provide better services.

That is according to deputy government chief information officer Bill McCluggage, who said the coalition's immediate responsibility is to see how ICT can contribute to its overall plans to cut public sector spending.

However, the expert said that in the longer term the plan is to see how ITC can itself lead to department savings.

'In the medium and long-term [we will look at] how ICT can enable and empower savings and delivery of improved services, so looking at how we can offer new technologies into the business environment that allow an improved return on investment,' he commented.

Mr McCluggage also confirmed that the government's current measures include a freeze on all new ICT spends over £1 million, which was enforced on May 24th this year.