Brilliant Web Design

Joe Kraynak

Published by

Prentice Hall





Reviewed by

Sheila Bullas MBCS CITP


9 out of 10

Brilliant Web DesignBrilliant Web Design is aimed at the beginner and intermediate web designer. It is a quick reference guide that provides all the information needed to design websites from scratch as it guides through design principles, processes and best practice.

The book takes the reader from understanding of the overall process of web design by going through each of the stages in that process, right through to making the site attractive to search engines and marketing the site.

Topics include designing the site structure and layout, use of colour, designing and processing forms, security and developing an e-commerce site amongst others. Wherever a topic needed to get a site up and running is outside the scope of this book (and few are), the required knowledge and where to find it is given.

All jargon is explained where it is used and there is no need to have a separate glossary to hand. Handy tips are given that will save time or money. Many references to free software are provided.

There is even a client survey that can be used to help the designer think through information to be gathered before starting to set up the site itself. Finally there is a troubleshooting guide, which lists common questions and the page where you can find the answers.

This book is in the ‘Brilliant’ series that includes amongst its other titles Brilliant HTML, Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Javascript. A very practical guide, Brilliant Web Design is ideal for the individual, small business or club wanting to create or update their website. I found it particularly useful as a reminder of the basic principles of web design and an update on recent developments. It is just brilliant.

Further Information: Prentice Hall

February 2011