Master Data Management and Data Governance (2nd ed)

Alex Berson, Larry Dubov

Published by

McGraw Hill





Reviewed by

Elias Pimenidis MBCS CITP


10 out of 10

Master Data Management and Data Governance (2nd ed)We live in a world that continuously creates, collects and manages data.

In such an environment the issues of data management and governance are massively important for operations and services in both the corporate world and that of government and the public sector.

Written by internationally recognised experts, this second edition of the book offers great value for money.

According to the authors, ‘on this new digital age, an agile enterprise can become competitive only when it has access to relevant, accurate and complete data’.

It is this business philosophy and practical daily need that the authors present, discuss and explain in detail in neat and easily comprehensible text.

The more than 450 pages of the book are well supported by clear and relevant diagrams that adorn each chapter and make the topics easier to follow and understand.

The book starts off with the fundamentals of master data management (MDM), moving on to architectural considerations and the ever-challenging issues of security and risk management, before concluding with issues relating to governance of MDM.

It’ll prove an invaluable companion to any business manager who maintains an interest in attaining in-depth knowledge in the way data should be managed in a modern organisation.

As an academic text it will be appealing to postgraduate students in business and computing schools.

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March 2011