Households urged to switch to VoIP


UK households are being urged to switch from standard phones to voice over internet protocol (VoIP) solutions.

Norm Bogen, vice-president of digital entertainment research at In-Stat, has claimed that more people need to be educated about the benefits of VoIP.

The expert said VoIP solutions would offer users cost savings but conceded that most households replace a telephone only once a decade.

He commented: 'The average lifecycle is around ten years for a home phone replacement. The other issue is that most consumers are unaware of VoIP except for Skype.

'The opportunity is when it is time to replace the home phone – replacing it with a four-phone digital enhanced cordless telecommunication VoIP solution would be very cost-effective, but consumers need to be educated about this.'

It follows the publication of a report on VoIP trends in the US by the Federal Communications Commission, which showed that interconnected VoIP grew by 21 per cent between June 2009 and June 2010.