Video Interview: Jim Norton

May 2011

2011- 2012, Professor Jim Norton BEng (Hons) CDir CEng CITP DEng FIET FBCS FIoD FRSA talks about the key aims of his term in office, the challenges facing the IT industry and how BCS can help the industry in future.

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    John Chapman wrote on 11th May 2011

    A very clear and refreshing view of the BCS, its challenges and priorities. Should be played at all Board, Committee, Area meetings etc!!

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    James Hammond wrote on 25th May 2011

    The Idea of an Electronic Log would make life so much easier, get it done!!

    When people complain that BCS does nothing, if the people commenting on Linkedin talked about this you might keep more people involved!!

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    Eswaren Allaghery wrote on 25th May 2011

    Nice initiative w.r.t Log Book implementation. Finally a small step bridging gap between Academic and Industrial/Business world.

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