Ecommerce rules at retailers


The leading IT investment for large retailers is mcommerce and ecommerce, a new study has revealed.

Indeed, the IT in Retail survey sponsored by BT Expedite and carried out by Martec found that this is the first time ever that these aspects of technology have taken the two top spots.

This year, investment into mcommerce and ecommerce is a main priority for 23 per cent of those questioned, up from 2010's 17 per cent.

Combining the two platforms could improve the multichannel operations of a firm and it was revealed that for many organisations, ecommerce is the only area experiencing an increase in sales.

Managing director at Martec International Brian Hume commented: 'Consumers expect a seamless experience across all channels and retailers need to offer a single stock pool that can be accessed from all customer touch points, such as smartphones to check stock availability, pricing and product information.'

More than a quarter of people in the UK are accessing the internet via a smartphone, the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing recently asserted.