iPad 2: The Missing Manual

J.D. Biersdorfer

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O'Reilly Media





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10 out of 10

Biersdorfer’s iPad2 The Missing Manual goes well beyond the information provided in the Apple online guide. It provides a comprehensive review of the device along with lots of new information, better illustrations and a wealth of previously undocumented hints, tips and shortcuts.

The book’s early chapters provide a quick review of the device, how best to interact with it, the basics of getting started as an iPad user and how to get online via a Wi-Fi or 3G connection. Unfortunately, this information is based around USA telecommunications data service providers and therefore has no direct relevance for UK readers.

Surfing the internet along with setting up and using email are the subject of the next two chapters. I found the helpful tips and shortcuts in this section, aimed at making these tasks easier and more intuitive, of considerable assistance in operating my iPad2 effectively.

Two short chapters on game playing and iWork, Apple’s office productivity suite for the iPad, are covered briefly at this point. Guidance on how to make best use of the Apps and iBook store are also covered in this section.

The various aspects of using the iPad in conjunction with Apple’s iTunes in handling music and other audio sources have extensive coverage in the following four chapters.

They cover mastering iTunes, organising and synchronising media files and playing music. I suspect that a great deal of this information would already be known to owners of an iPod or iPhone device. However, the book presents it in the context of the iPad.

The iPad’s ability to handle, display and manage photographs is the subject of the next chapter. It deals with loading, finding and various ways of viewing photographic collections both on the device itself and on a TV.

The book concludes with an extensive discussion on general care of the iPad, troubleshooting problems and how to go about finding assistance in the event of a repair being required

Existing and new owners of an iPad will benefit considerably by taking time out to read through this manual even if only to learn about the previously undocumented tips and tricks mentioned. I award the book ten out of ten in terms of its readability and value for money.

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August 2011