Video conferencing 'enhances communication'


Video conferencing makes for better communication than the telephone because people are able to pick up on non-verbal clues, an expert has said.

Keith Warburton, editor of video conferencing and telepresence news publication, revealed that a recent UCLA study showed 93 per cent of communication is through visual signals.

Individuals can tell the mood of a client or supplier as soon as they walk through the door of a meeting room or appear on-screen, in a way they cannot do on the phone.

'That's why face-to-face meetings are so important,' he remarked. 'So perhaps rather than ask whether video conferencing is desirable or effective, we should surely be asking why on earth we choose to limit ourselves to voice-only phone conversations when there are much more effective options available.'

Because of these factors, teleconferencing is one of the best ways to ensure effective communication between colleagues, suppliers and clients in different locations, he added.

Mr Warburton concluded: 'There can be no doubt - body language and non-verbal clues transform the effectiveness of our communications.'