Three out of four online Britons using social media, report shows


Almost three-quarters of British internet users are regularly using social media sites, new figures have revealed.

According to global online marketing research agency InSites Consulting, 73 per cent of those online in the UK use sites such as Twitter and Facebook, which equates to around 37 million people.

Facebook is the most popular site, with 64 per cent of respondents revealing they use it, with Twitter in second on 24 per cent.

LinkedIn came third with 21 per cent penetration, the analysis added.

However, social network usage in the UK is slightly below the European average of 74 per cent.

'These numbers show that social network sites have penetrated all layers of society. An analysis of the users shows everyone is there: young, older, employed or unemployed,' managing partner at InSites Consulting Professor Steven Van Belleghem said.

MWR InfoSecurity technical director Martyn Ruks recently suggested that people need to realise that hackers may try and steal social networking login details that are stored on their smartphone.