Green IT 2.0 - beyond power saving, or making everything smarter

Joint event with West Yorkshire Branch

Tuesday 4 October 2011

6.30pm (refreshments available from 5.45pm)

NTI Leeds, Old Broadcasting House, 148 Woodhouse Lane, Leeds, LS2 9EN

Colin Pattinson, Professor in Mobile & Converging Technologies, Leeds Metropolitan University

This is a follow-on from a talk delivered last year, which explained the background and development of work in the area of “green IT”. The first talk emphasised the need to make our IT systems more efficient across their lifecycle, and suggested a range of alternatives where this was being carried out.

Within the developing green IT arena, the focus is moving from greening of IT to greening by IT: the use of tools and techniques which harness the power of IT to change other aspects of behaviour.

The talk will begin with a review of progress and developments in the areas noted during last year’s presentation, identify emerging demands on our energy use and then explore the potential for using smart technology to bring about changes in life, work and transport which may allow us to deliver some of the very necessary energy savings.

Professor Colin Pattinson MBCS is a committee member of the BCS Green IT SG, and teaches and researches in green IT at Leeds Metropolitan University, where he is Head if the School of Computing and Creative Technologies.