Incorporating Modelling into Continuous Integration Using JSizzle

George SvarovskyDate/Time:
Thursday 8 March 2012, 6.00pm - 8.00pm

The Davidson Building, 5 Southampton Street, London WC2E 7HA. The nearest underground stations are Covent Garden and Charing Cross.

George Svarovsky

Artefacts of modelling such as formal specifications and UML diagrams have a propensity to become rapidly and silently obsolete when implementation starts, which means that design traceability is often an early casualty in software engineering projects. JSizzle is a tool and a language, but most importantly an approach, for encoding model-level abstractions that are independent of implementation but allow Java code to be mapped to them using simple Java adapters. This then opens up the possibility of checking whether the code corresponds to the model at runtime and during unit tests. There’s no magic to be found in the principle, to model in a language that compiles down to Java. However there's some trickery in the tool implementation, which will offer tangential interest.

This talk will introduce the concept and the tool with a live demonstration, and show how modelling need not be the perpetual bridesmaid to code and test.

About the Speaker:
George is Technical Director at IDBS, with 15 years' experience developing and delivering award-winning enterprise data management products and systems used by over 50,000 scientists worldwide. He holds master’s degrees from Cambridge and Oxford, and received the Richard Bird Prize for his dissertation 'Modelling in Java'. He specialises in modelling, dabbles in functional style, and thinks too much.


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