Nursing Informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge (2nd ed)

Dee McGonigle and Kathleen Garver Mastrian

Published by

Jones & Bartlett Learning





Reviewed by

Sheila Bullas


9 out of 10

This book is a guide for students to the history of health care informatics, current issues, basic concepts and management applications.

Dee McGonigle is professor of the Online-MSN Programme at Chamberlain College of Nursing and editor in chief of the Online Journal of Nursing Informatics.

Kathleen Mastrian is associate professor and programme coordinator for nursing at Pennsylvania State University and senior managing editor of the online journal. There are contributions from, mainly US, experts.

From the UK, Nicholas Hardiker of the University of Salford contributes a chapter on developing standardised terminologies to support nursing practice. Peter Murray contributes on emerging technologies and the generation of knowledge.

As is to be expected, reference to national organisations, legislation, reports and most of the examples and case studies are specific to the US, but the principles and much of the practice apply anywhere.

Chapters are well laid out, incorporating objectives, key terms, summary, questions and references with plenty of practical examples and case studies. It is very readable.

New chapters added in this second edition include technology and patient safety, system development life cycle, workflow analysis, simulation and bioinformatics. This edition also comes with an access key to a companion website. This gives study aids for each chapter, adds further questions for each chapter and includes other learning activities.

This is certainly a comprehensive guide to nursing informatics with extensive references, glossary and index. It is targeted at US students, but still has a great deal of value in the UK. It is a bit pricey possibly for a lot of students, but an essential resource for the library.

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October 2011