Over half a million Facebook logins 'are hackers'


Facebook experiences over 600,000 attempted hacks every day, according to the company.

The social networking giant revealed the figure as it posted information about new security measures being implemented on the website as a means of tackling breaches.

With over one billion logins every 24 hours, Facebook is one of the most visited websites on the internet, and the world's largest social network. However, this is the first time it has pubicly revealed how regularly it is bombarded by fraudsters trying to access users' messages, photos and other personal information.

A post on the firm's blog said that the changes to security coincided with National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, which aims to educate internet users about ways of keeping information safe online.

'Security and safety are at the core of Facebook. We have entire teams dedicated to building tools that give people even more control over their account,' the post added.

Web security expert Ira Winkler recently warned that Facebook users are at risk from spies if they disclose too much sensitive information.