Open data strategy launched by European Commission


An open data strategy, that will see vast numbers of data sets released to the public, has been launched by the European Commission (EC).

The EC hopes that it will deliver €40 billion (£34 billion) to the European Union's (EU) economy by allowing businesses to make money from new smartphone apps that might include maps, real-time traffic information and price comparison tools.

A further €100 million will be made available for the EC-funded project every year until 2013, reports Computing.

Nellie Kroes, the commission's vice president said that people's data is worth more if they give it away, advising businesses to do so.

'Taxpayers have already paid for this information; the least we can do is give it back to those who want to use it in new ways to create jobs and growth,' she added.

Earlier this year, British prime minister David Cameron pledged a commitment to greater transparency in public body information. He ordered key government data on hospitals and doctors, schools, courts and transport to be made available online.