Megaupload files lawsuit against Universal Music Group


Online storage site Megaupload has filed a lawsuit against the world's largest recording company, University Music Group (UMG).

According to Torrentfreak, UMG filed an erroneous copyright claim against Megaupload relating to a video that the online storage site uploaded to YouTube.

The video in question features a number of best-selling artists, including Kanye West, Snoop Dogg, Alicia Keys and the Black Eyed Peas', endorsing the service.

Mega - the parent company of Megaupload - founder Kim Dotcom told Torrentfreak that they had signed an agreement with all of the featured artists to be involved, and that 'Mega owns everything' in the video.

'Those UMG criminals. They are sending illegitimate takedown notices for content they don't own,' she added, claiming that the record label was trying to stop Mega's 'massively successful viral campaign'.

The Hong Kong-based company was started in 2005 and by 2011 its Alexa rank had it as the 68th most visited website in the world.