Data security 'key for firms'


Businesses must have data security at the heart of their considerations for 2012, an expert has warned.

According to The Centre for Cyber Secruity, which works with police forces, governmental bodies and companies to help improve their computer security, a number of companies are still not fully aware of the costs of keeping data safe.

Mark Dampster, associate of the organisation, has said that firms are not keeping up with advances in technology, leaving a gap for cyber criminals to exploit.

He warned that the chances of criminals being prosecuted are very low, so it is vital that employers have the correct measures in place to prevent crime.

'Everything we do online, every message we send and everyone communication we enter needs to be thought about carefully - particularly if it is new or unexpected,' Mr Dampster said.

US security firm Stratfor was recently the victim of a Robin Hood-style attack, in which funds from the accounts of major businesses were transferred to various charities.