Getting emerging technology into TV land, schools and the boardroom

Tuesday 21 February 2012

Room 102, Town House, Penrhyn Road, Kingston University, KT1 2EE

7.00pm for 7.30pm (prompt start) to 9.00pm

Ian Hughes


Ian Hughes/Epredator from Feeding Edge Ltd will share some tales from recording 3 series of The Cool Stuff Collective kids ITV show and how the Future Tech elements in the show, whilst aimed at 7-12 year olds, is actually threaded together to get more people into STEM subjects through participation with open source and maker culture. From Metaverses to 3d printing, Arduino to Hydrogen Fuel cells and with the odd saturday morning custard pie, there is a lot of cool technology out there. When it is all put together it shows us a path to an exciting future. A future powered by people willing to share online, where the social implications are as dramatic as the technology and where old organisation structures become less relevant.

Ian Hughes a.k.a epredator when online, is a Metaverse Evangelist and founder of Feeding Edge Ltd - Taking a bite out of technology so you don't have to. In 2006, whilst at IBM, he led thousands of colleagues into virtual worlds like Second Life with projects such as Wimbledon. He has shown that leadership can be driven by the digital native and innovators can gather together regardless of geography or organization. Using creative expression online leads him to no longer be the programmer he grew up as. He presents an emerging technology slot on the UK ITV kids show The Cool Stuff Collective, which has run for 3 series series. On the show he has brought many types of technology aimed as gainting the interest of kids and adults alike in science and technology. From open source physical computing to 3d printing, augmented reality to graphene. Ian is the chair of the BCS Animation and Games industry Group.

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