8m tablets 'to be sold in 2012'


Consumers in the UK will buy eight million tablets this year, according to a recent survey.

The research, carried out by Sky, has revealed that one in 12 people already received a tablet, such as Apple's iPad, for Christmas, and that each home has a total of six 'screens', which includes laptops, mobile phones and televisions.

According to the study, more than half of all UK adults now owns a smartphone, while two million watch TV via apps on their device. Around 13 per cent of those quizzed said that they would be happy to watch two programmes on different screens at the same time.

David Gibbs, Sky's director of mobile, said that there was increasing evidence that consumers now want to access content while on the move.

He added that they 'are embracing smart mobile technology and using those devices to stay informed, in touch and entertained'.

Sales of Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet in the US ate into the number of Apple iPads shifted this Christmas, according to analysts.