How to Do Everything iPad2

Joli Ballew

Published by

McGraw Hill





Reviewed by

Alan Bellinger


8 out of 10

Here’s a tricky conundrum - what’s the point of a ‘How To ...’ book if the product it’s telling you all about is supposed to be intuitive anyway? I have to admit that, when I came to review this book, I had been using my iPad2 for some three months (and, yes, I absolutely love it!) quite successfully. I was still delighted to have the opportunity to review it as I thought I’d find out all of the aspects of the iPad I hadn’t picked up intuitively.

Going through the book, I realised I had worked most of it out for myself; and, at that point, I was feeling rather smug about this conundrum. But then, disaster struck - a friend told me she was having some difficulty setting up her new iPad; and I realised I’d forgotten all about that horrible feeling when you switch the iPad on and all you get is that USB symbol with the iTunes logo - how intuitive is that!

The point is that, without a book like this, you will be able to use your iPad; but (and in fact there are two big buts) first of all, how much longer does it take you, and secondly, how many bad habits do you pick up along the way?

If you’re one of those people who like to be sure of the steps you’re taking as you familiarise yourself with new technology, then this book is for you. It takes you through those complicated set-up procedures and gets you started in a fraction of the time it would take you to figure it out for yourself. Of course, you may have been smart and arranged for the shop to set it up for you, but since it only tells you that after you’ve opened the box I doubt that’s the case.

I found the tips on using the keyboard especially useful; I had come to hate that virtual keyboard with a passion when I’ve used my iPad for writing longer documents and, although everyone I speak to says you get used to it, I was clearly the exception that proved the rule. The book has a section on using the keyboard effectively, and I found that reduced my antithesis to it somewhat.

The book is very well structured and takes you from the basics to the more advanced material painlessly and effectively. I am sure that there are no aspects of the iPad that aren’t covered here - both in the main text and also in the comprehensive appendices.

I would have liked to have seen some colour in the book - apart from the cover it’s black and white throughout - which rather flies in the face of the tactile iPad! And, although it’s not a book that you’ll read from cover to cover, you may find that the material is presented in a rather dry way. Nevertheless, I can certainly confirm that, through personal experience, the index is extremely effective.

Further information: McGraw Hill

January 2012