Internet Marketing Start to Finish

Catherine Juon, Dunrie Greiling, Catherine Buerkle

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Angela Wheatcroft MBCS


10 out of 10

This book is aimed at businesses that already have a website and want to make it more effective in generating sales.

It shows how to identify the company’s current position in the online marketing process and what can be done to increase return on investment and boost sales. The sole requirement is to have a basic understanding of the company’s business model.

The method described is one successfully used by the authors to help businesses develop a measurable and repeatable marketing process online. It focuses on five repeatable steps: metrics, content and target audience, websites that work, message visibility and selling online.

Chapters stand alone, so the reader can jump to any point in a specific area for help. Early chapters cover basic internet marketing and tools to solve common problems and identify key performance indicators (KPIs).

The ample use of brief case studies helps to show how different approaches can be applied to different business situations. Some tools that implement call tracking effectively could have wider implications for the business such as internal restructuring, but to retain focus, this impact is only referred to in passing.

Similarly, much of the content assumes prior exposure to marketing concepts such as customer relationship marketing (CRM). However, this means the emphasis is on introducing and assessing tools and resources to improve marketing activities, such as lead management. A supporting website and reference links are provided where further explanation is needed.

The well-structured content supports the authors’ practical approach and is consistent throughout. There are many illustrations and tables. Particularly helpful are the screen shots from web pages and the way they are used to illustrate what to do. A final chapter shows how to bring everything together and use it when calculating return on investment (ROI).

All this would have little impact without effective communication to departmental and other managers. To help with this, a sample report for a fictional company is provided in the appendix. It shows how the elements covered in the book can be presented and used to pinpoint reasons for success or failure and to direct marketing targets and work effort in the year ahead.

For people familiar with marketing concepts, this is a useful book for picking up ideas and checking if your online marketing is on track.

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February 2012