Documenting Software Architectures: Views and Beyond (2nd Ed)

Paul Clements et al

Published by

Addison-Wesley Professional





Reviewed by

Adrian Rossi


10 out of 10

As a practicing software architect, I have been called upon many times to illustrate a system design for better comprehension and communication. And on more than one of those occasions I have found myself struggling to create the clearest, most effective diagrams, at various levels of abstraction, from different viewpoints, catering to different audiences and at different degrees of technical depth. How I would have loved to have been holding this book at those times!

The authors have successfully clarified so many grey areas, explaining the best approach using the most effective techniques across a comprehensive span of application domains. This book is the Bible for architecture documentation, a complete reference guide to the effective use of UML, different diagram types, a plethora of styles for capturing entities and their relationships, functional and non-functional aspects, and the list goes on.

And do not think this is some academic, theoretical treatise; just the opposite. This book is immensely practical, with plenty of real-world context and example case studies.

Strongly recommended at whatever price, it is an essential reference book for software architects. Get it now.

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February 2012