Quality management in the people cloud


First there was the 'cloud' and now there is the 'people cloud', with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) focussing on developing ways for companies to utilise internet workforces.

The German research centre has developed a quality management system to enable businesses to ensure that the work being carried out by internet freelancers is to a high standard.

KIT's software combines the contributions of crowd workers by means of statistical methods and from the degree of the contributions' agreement can determine the quality of the work being carried out.

Robert Kern from KIT's Service Innovation and Management research group said: "The contributions of the individual crowd workers in a crowd sourcing scenario can be controlled to a limited extent only.

"This is where our quality management system starts to work."

According to KIT, the benefits of the people cloud include speed, scalability and reduced fixed costs, while cloud workers enjoy a wide variety of tasks and flexible working.