Attackers adapting as spam canned


Cyber criminals are adapting their tactics as computer security experts get to grips with traditional methods of attack.

IBM's 'X-Force 2011 Trend and Risk Report' revealed that there was a 50 percent decline in spam email last year compared to 2010.

Vendors have also been patching up their software more effectively, with only 36 percent of software vulnerabilities remaining unpatched in 2011, compared to 43 percent in 2010.

However, in response, cyber criminals have been focussing on mobile exploits, automated password guessing and phishing attacks.

Tom Cross, manager of Threat Intelligence and Strategy for IBM X-Force, said that cyber criminals are unlikely to call it a day just yet.

"As long as attackers profit from cyber crime, organisations should remain diligent in prioritising and addressing their vulnerabilities," he said.

Earlier this month, Jonathan Millican, a 19-year-old studying computer science at Cambridge, was crowned the UK's 'Cyber Security Champion' at an event designed to secure the future of cyber security in Britain.