Application Security for the Android Platform

Jeff Six

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Reviewed by

Peter Daly CEng CITP


9 out of 10

I recently reviewed a book 'Learning Android', which developed an android application from scratch. The emphasis there was developing the application; this book goes that bit further and discusses security implications when you develop android applications.

It's easy to read and constantly challenges the reader to think through the implications of various decisions as you go along and this helps get the developer to get into the mindset for securing the application. However, it's not meant for a reader without any familiarity with android development.

Indeed, you will need to be aware of ‘Intents’ and ‘Content Providers’ etc., because these terms are used before they are really defined later on in the book. A glossary may have helped here to give wider appeal.

I think that the book has been deliberately kept short so that it can be read quite quickly and the essential details exposed to the reader. Read it - this is a really good book if you want to develop android applications.

Further information: O'Reilly

March 2012