Anti-virus not enough, says data expert


Protecting against data loss amounts to more than simply "plonking in" anti-virus software, a data expert has warned.

Graeme Batsman, the director of Data Defender, says that companies get too hung up on protecting against viruses and therefore miss other forms of data threat, such as the risk of devices carrying valuable information being stolen.

With the consequences of losing sensitive information including bad press, fines, complaints, impacts on compliance and falls in share prices, companies need to ensure that their data on laptops, USB sticks and discs is encrypted.

"The rule is that people need to embrace data encryption on pretty much everything that is possible," Mr Batsman said.

"That is what the law is, but no one in the country really follows it."

In the UK, there have been numerous reported incidents of government workers losing devices containing secret information on commuter trains or having had them stolen.

Last year, the details of over 26,000 tenants were found in a pub after their housing association left them behind on a USB stick.