RockYou rocked by $250k fine


Social game developer RockYou has been hit with a $250,000 (£157,250) fine for failing to secure the personal information of 32 million of its users.

In 2009, RockYou admitted that hackers had breached one its databases that contained the usernames, passwords and email addresses of around 32 million users stored in unencrypted plain-text format.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which brought the case against the developer, also alleged that RockYou violated the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act Rule by collecting information details from approximately 179,000 children without their parent's consent.

In a statement, RockYou chief executive officer Lisa Marino said: "We appreciate the work the FTC has done in this process as they have been fair, reasonable and timely throughout."

Graeme Batsman, the director of Data Defender, said that data encryption is essential for businesses.

"The rule is that people need to embrace data encryption on pretty much everything that is possible," he advised.