Pi fused with ZX Spectrum


The potential of the £22 Raspberry Pi computer has been demonstrated by the Centre for Computing History (CCH), which has turned it into an emulator for the classic home computer, the ZX Spectrum.

Andy Taylor from the CCH is the man behind a Pi port for the Fuse ZX Spectrum emulator, which he has demonstrated in a YouTube video by playing classic games including 'Fred', 'Jetpac' and 'Manic Miner'.

One of the first ten made, Mr Taylor's Pi was donated to the CCH by a donor following an Ebay auction.

Jason Fitzpatrick, director of the museum, said: "We … feel that [the Raspberry Pi project] could usher in a new era for computing, allowing potential programmers to 'get to the bits' and who knows, maybe create the next big thing."

The launch of the Pi has not been without its problems however.

Following a factory error that lead to the wrong type of jack being soldered on to the Pi, RS Components and Premier Farnell have now said that will not distribute the device until it receives a CE mark.