The Essential Guide to Home Computer Security

Robert Rowlingson

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Sheila Bullas MBCS CITP


9 out of 10

The Essential Guide to Home Computer SecurityThis book is aimed at those with a little computer knowledge who are looking for measures to make their home PC secure.

It assumes connection to the internet where most of the threats arise. Anyone who can successfully install software on a PC will be able to understand it and use the many practical tips that are suggested.

Smartphones are also covered as they are increasingly used as small, general purpose computers. It will also be of interest to small businesses that do not employ or buy in expert security advice. It aims to provide an understanding of the risks and how to counter those risks.

The timing was just right for me as I had recently bought a new laptop and was connecting it both to a home network and to the internet via wireless connection.

It aims to provide an understanding of the principles of security to enable users to make decisions on level of risk in their own situation and provide the basis for decisions on how to manage this risk. For me, it achieved this aim.

It starts with definitions, principles of good security, describing the source of risk and how to assess the level of risk incurred in any individual situation. There are specific sections on web security, email security, viruses and other malignant software and working from home.

Specific instructions are given throughout for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. This was particularly handy as I was struggling to find some of the usual instructions having taken on Windows 7 for the first time and leapfrogged Vista.

It saved me a great deal of time and aggravation - much appreciated by others in the house. It would also be useful for anyone wanting to understand this topic better and upgrade their security.

A very practical and easy to understand book with a good index that allows quick reference. A list of websites is included for those that want to learn more or keep up to date

Dr Robert Rowlingson is a researcher and consultant in information security and cybercrime.

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April 2012