Computer security experts join fight to shut down cannabis farms


Newcastle University's Centre for Cybercrime and Computer Security (CCCS) has joined the fight to shut down the UK's cannabis farms.

With an estimated £200 million of electricity stolen every year in order to power illegal cannabis farms across the UK, the police are now calling for a more sophisticated approach to solving the problem.

Currently officers are very much reliant on tip offs and intelligence to locate farms, so the CCCS is trying to develop ways to detect spikes in electricity usage that will help to make their jobs easier.

Phil Butler, CCCS co-director, said: "What we are trying to do is develop technologies that will enable us to take a more proactive approach in the fight against cannabis cultivation."

This week, Newcastle is hosting a conference to address the issue and attendees will include the Home Office, the Association of Chief Police Officers, regional fire and police services and energy companies.