ORG: Blanket blocks lead to unwanted censorship


The Open Rights Group (ORG) has claimed that automatic mobile internet filtering "adds up to a system of censorship across UK networks". 

Currently, the government is considering bringing in home-broadband filters after the Independent Parliamentary Inquiry into Online Child Protection concluded that users should have to opt in to get access to adult content.

However, the ORG argues that this system does not work for mobile phones and would need to be modified if it was to be implemented for home-broadband connections.

"Mobile internet filtering blocks too much content and applies to too many people," the ORG said.

"Filtering controls must be clearly and transparently implemented. They should be responsive to mistakes, be easy to opt out of and involve an active choice to opt in."

The Internet Services Providers' Association has already criticised the proposals.

Its secretary general Nicholas Lansman called the idea that ISPs should have to block content "inappropriate".