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Anthony Sutcliffe PG Dip CCI, MBCS


8 out of 10


This ebook is a collection of transcripts from interviews conducted by BCS staff with a number of key people from within the field of IT; people whose names might not always be known to absolutely everyone, but who have been highly influential within the industry.

These include Donald Knuth, Grady Booch, Linus Torvalds, Steve Wosniak, Vint Cerf, Karen Spärck Jones, Tim Berners-Lee, Jimmy Wales and Stephanie Shirley.

These interviews make truly fascinating reading; they give an indication of how and why these people started with IT, what drives them in their work and how they view the changes that are taking place.

There are some valuable insights into the specific areas that each works in, with personal views of how their work has developed and how it is being integrated into main stream computing.

As a group, these people have all contributed in a major way to the industry that we work in; and in these transcripts, they show that they all have a clear vision of the direction that it is taking and what we may see happening in the next few years and decades to come.

This will be of keen interest to anyone that who is involved in IT strategy or wants to move from a purely technical role into one that involves more planning for the future. Although not a career guide, the interviews contain some useful advice for both new and old practitioners when considering professional development.

At the end of each section, there are a number of links that take the reader to online resources related to the individual or to some of the work that they have each been involved in. These provide more background to the individuals, their work and their personal views and are well worth following.

This is a good read and I would award it 8 / 10

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May 2012