'Flamer' virus could be most sophisticated malware, warns Kaspersky


A new virus referred to as 'Flamer' could be one of the most sophisticated pieces of malware yet, Kaspersky has warned.

According to the internet security giant, the Win32.Flamer "attack toolkit" that is currently targeting Iran and other countries in the Middle East offers much more of at threat than most malware attacks.

This is partially due to the complexity of the program, meaning that it is capable of undertaking a wide number of potentially damaging actions.

Speaking to the BBC, Vitaly Kamluk, Kaspersky's chief malware expert, said that it appears to be collecting large amounts of sensitive information from infected machines.

"Once a system is infected, Flame begins a complex set of operations, including sniffing the network traffic, taking screenshots, recording audio conversations, intercepting the keyboard, and so on," he said.

Symantec's Security Response Team has also assessed the threat of the 'Flame' malware, noting that it is potentially as dangerous as high-profile viruses such as Stuxnet or Dugu.