Joomla! Programming

Mark Dexter and Louis Landry

Published by

Addison-Wesley Professional





Reviewed by

A P Sutcliffe, PG Dip CCI, MBCS


10 out of 10

Joomla is an increasingly popular open source content management system, used in the construction and management of many websites, intranet portals and other browser-based applications.

This book is aimed at those people that want to understand more about web development work using this powerful product.

However, it’s not designed for those that are complete beginners of the web development process, but rather the more knowledgeable person looking to better understand what they could achieve by using Joomla.

The focus is on how it can be developed to create exceedingly effective sites and applications that do more than present basic text or pictures.

Written by two of the most respected people within the Joomla community, the book is laid out in a very logical format that takes the reader step by step through the various functions within the product and explains how to make use of the different coding tools associated with the development process.

It also contains a large number of highly valuable segments that help show how the script can be built up to achieve the desired results.

The text is clear, well presented and includes a number of useful screenshots that can help the reader place the instructions in context.

It also contains a large number of sections that provide an in-depth look into what is going on in the program, along with some explanations of why Joomla was developed that way, giving a background that will provide a valuable insight to the writing of this software product.

There are also links to online resources that provide even more information that could be of significant benefit.

It is a very large volume and could be intimidating at first glance due to the sheer size. It is clearly designed to be read from start to finish in order to take the reader through a logical learning path and to enable them to fully understand the various aspects.

However, it could also quite easily be used as a reference tool, and it would be possible to dip in and out of the various sections in order to pick up on the necessary information. It is a highly valuable resource; one that will not spend too much time on the shelf, but will be referred to constantly.

An excellent book; well worth 10 / 10

Further information: Addison-Wesley Professional

June 2012