Planning your Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Core CPD cycle

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Your CPD, to be effective, should be planned, executed, evaluated, and reflected upon.

  • Plan your activities 

  • Execute and record your activities

  • Record the outcomes

  • Reflect on your experience


  • Because your Plan may require you to complete a number of activities, it may look like this:

    Multiple CPD activity planning (shorter-term)

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    In planning your CPD you need to have a number of CPD cycles (which may be quarterly or annually) within a longer time period, perhaps 3 years, which provides the context for your career progression. This means planning on two levels - career aspiration planning, containing cycles of short-term CPD planning:

    Career aspiration planning

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    Your personal development is unique to you, so it is important to plan and monitor your CPD. Planning your CPD will ensure that time doesn’t just go by without you getting the development you need, but it will also ensure that you get the high-value development that is going to give the greatest contribution to your longer-term career aspirations.

    Over time, your career aspirations may change and your career direction may change, so you will need to modify your development plans to reflect those changes.


    Career aspiration planning

    Your career aspirations provide the context for your CPD and allow you to focus short-term CPD activities within your chosen career path.


    Shorter-term CPD planning

    Identify the CPD you need now and over the next few months to progress your career along your chosen career path. 


    Revalidation for CITP

    For those with Chartered IT Professional (CITP) status who wish to renew their certificate of current competence (every five years), the revalidation process will look for evidence that you have continued to work in the IT profession using skills equivalent to SFIA level-5, for 3 of the previous 5 years. We will also look for evidence of appropriate professional development activities which you have undertaken.

    CPD is therefore an important part of the CITP revalidation process. Although BCS does not prescribe the specific CPD activity to be carried out for revalidation, following a structured process and recording your CPD activities and outcomes is recommended in order to ensure the maximum benefit. More details on how to make a revalidation submission will be provided to those holding a certificate of current competence in advance of their certificate expiry date. More information about CITP Revalidation

    Continuing Professional Development is also a core part of Science Council and Engineering Council registration.


    Executing your plan

    Once you have created your plan, you will need to execute the plan.

    Learn more about how to execute your plan