Study reveals our emotional attachment to technology


A new survey has revealed the extent of the attachment that we have with our personal gadgets.

The Intel poll conducted in the US found that almost one-half of the 2,500 people questioned feel anxious when they do not have their phones or their laptops with them, Reuters reports.

Amazingly, three-quarters of respondents said losing their devices would cause more angst than misplacing their wedding rings, while the same percentage of younger travellers admitted to suffering 'outlet outrage' when they cannot find an electricity point to plug their gadgets into.

Nine in ten of those younger travellers added they feel happier when they have their laptops and smartphones with them.

"The survey revealed how deep the emotional bond has become between travellers and their devices and how far they are willing to go to feed their always-on craving and stay connected," Mike Fard, a marketing strategist with Intel Corp, told the news provider.