Managing Knowledge

Barry Evans

Published by

Code Green Publishing





Reviewed by

Adam Wilson MBCS


9 out of 10

'Managing Knowledge' is the second of the 'Trousers of Reality' four volume set, and continues the learning journey from where the first book left off.

The book is structured into three sections, with each building upon the knowledge from the previous sections to provide a cohesive learning experience. The first section provides an accessible introduction to neuroscience and epigenetics to form a strong argument that people are not fixed, unchangeable objects, but can be masters of their own condition.

The second part of the book takes the information from the first part and provides a framework to assess practical knowledge and to change perceptions of a situation (context). It introduces the idea that all we experience are internal models of reality.

The question is then raised as to how we know which the correct or more accurate one is. The answer provided is to use triangulation, intersection and connections between models to refine or create a new one.

The third part of the book takes the ideas from the second part and starts to apply them to the workplace. The idea of feedback, cause and effect are introduced as tools to understand what impact you have on others. This is then expanded to introduce an understanding of ‘how’, ‘why’ and ‘what’ within the context of project management.

Throughout the book the references provided are a starting point for further investigation into the topics introduced.

The intended audience for this book is as wide as the possibilities offered by the knowledge it contains. The usefulness of the book for people who have to manage people and knowledge is endless. It depends on what you apply the knowledge to; as the context of your life changes the book offers endless re-readability. It is difficult to explain what the book contains, buy easy to describe what it provides: inspiration.

The book represents good value, as it provides the frameworks for you to use your existing knowledge more meaningfully and appropriately.

Further information: Code Green Publishing

July 2012

Please note: 'Managing Knowledge' has been re-released under a new title and ISBN: 'The Ingenious Engine of Reality' (ISBN 9781907215193).