Businesses and governments urged to go on the data security offensive


Businesses around the world have been called upon to go on the offensive and do more to combat the growing threat of cyber-terrorists.

Speaking at the opening day of the Black Hat computer security conference in Las Vegas, the former head of the FBI's respected cyber crime unit warned both corporations and governments that simply boosting their online defences will not be enough to defend themselves from a new generation of online fraudsters.

Instead Shawn Henry called for the public as well as the private sector to go on the offensive in order to keep their data safe from criminals as well as to protect the public at large from terrorists who could go online to wreak havoc with financial transactions, energy supplies or even the world's economic markets.

"The threat from computer network attack is the most significant threat we face as a civilised world, other than a weapon of mass destruction," he warned.

At the same time, Apple's presentation to the Black Hat conference has drawn a muted response from online security experts, with most commentators noting that the company failed 'to break new ground'.