ISPs 'must be aware' of local concerns when rolling out superfast broadband


Internet service providers need to listen carefully to the concerns that have been raised following the government's decision to fast track the rollout of superfast broadband across the country.

This is the view of technology industry consultant Steve Nimmons, who said broadband companies must be "a little bit careful in what they mandate".

His comments come after the Local Government Association said it was worried that a relaxation of planning laws letting firms install street cabinets without council permission would lead to works being rushed through with little consideration for the impact on the local environment.

Mr Nimmons said that the best way forward is for internet service providers and local councils to work together, as putting equipment into areas where there is a lot of resistance will only anger communities further.

"I think what the providers need to be careful of is brand protection and reputation," he remarked.

"Protection so that they don't damage their brand - even though they've now got a free hand - and don't ultimately damage the potential for uptake by alienating the potential client base or customer base."