Poor broadband connections discourage homebuyers


Broadband speeds can have a major impact on people's house buying decisions, according to the latest research from price comparison website Broadband Choices.

The survey shows that one in five homebuyers have checked local internets speeds before committing to a purchase, while one in ten have walked away from a potential home because it had poor broadband connections.

It also reveals that high-speed internet is ranked higher than off-street parking, a local pub and a doctor's surgery as one of the most important factors when choosing to buy a new property.

Indeed, some 35 per cent of those questioned said they thought it would be a good idea for estate agents to list local broadband speeds in their property adverts so that househunters could make a more informed choice.

Commenting on the findings, Dominic Baliszewski, a spokesman for Broadband Choices, said: "When it comes to buying a property it seems that it's more a case of broadband, broadband, broadband than location, location, location. 

"Broadband has become something that people are not prepared to live without, so it's little wonder it's now such a major factor for homebuyers."