Free online courses

1 October 2012

Former Lovelace Medal winner, Nick McKeown from Stanford University, is running a series of free, public online classes from 8 October called an Introduction to Computer Networks.

The material is designed to be broadly accessible to anyone who wants to understand the design principles of computer networks, with a special emphasis on how the internet works. The class is based on our CS144 class for Stanford juniors and seniors, which will run in parallel.

The course will be available starting from 8 October and will run for 10 weeks. They are using Stanford's new open-source ‘Class2go’ platform to deliver the class. Registration is free for anyone who wants to sign up and watch the series of about 30, 15-20 minute videos including short embedded quizzes to help students learn the material.

There will be a couple of problem sets, but no programming assignments the first time. All students who complete the course will receive a letter of completion from course teachers Phil Levis and Nick McKeown (but no official credit from Stanford).