Managing the Insider Threat

Nick Catrantzos

Published by

CRC Press





Reviewed by

Siraj A. Shaikh MBCS CITP CSci


2 out of 10

Insider threats are of increasing interest amongst the security community as systems become distributed and boundaries between inside and outside diminish. A good book that allows for deeper understanding of issues surrounding insider threats is really welcome. Unfortunately this is not the one.

The author sets out with bold ambitions. The reader is promised an insight into real world issues. What is delivered however is a thesis on the ‘iterative Delphi research process’, which is never really defined as to what it is supposed to achieve.

The terminology is exhausted: from corporate sentinels to read teams to deception to lawful disruption. What the reader really gets is a highly verbose, unstructured treatment of the subject with anecdotes and poorly analysed example.

On page 42, the author delves into a case study of corporate sentinels. Nearly two pages are wasted and by the end of it no moral lesson is learnt. The rest of the book is filled with similar examples of meaningless discourse.  

The language and connotations are American-centric with little awareness or reflection of the rest of the literature in this area.

It is very difficult to find anything of value here or of worthy comment. Every chapter is followed by discussion points and questions, which I always find useful for academic purposes.

My recommendation is to keep this one off the shelf!

Further information: CRC Press

October 2012