Business continuity management systems

Hilary Estall

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Mehmet Hurer B.Sc (Hons) MBCS CITP CEng


9 out of 10

Business Continuity Management SystemsThis is a great beginner’s guide to the ISO 22301 management system. It is short and concise, with the intention of being referred to when required rather than read cover-to-cover.

This is a practical guide and does not pretend to be a detailed technical publication, so those intending to align with or achieve full certification against the standard or new to business continuity management will need to supplement this book with additional reference material.

The book is divided into four parts. All parts are presented using the same helpful format: the purpose and objective, a description of key terms, useful checklists, top tips, action sheets to complete and conclude with a summary.

The first part describes management systems, including their evolution. Key considerations for the management system are discussed, including clear definition of scope, commitment from senior management, documentation, improvement and evaluation. Also discussed are the relative merits of alignment to the standard as opposed to achieving full certification.

The second part introduces the business continuity management life cycle in the context of a management system.

The third part of the book introduces and compares the two business continuity management standards: the earlier British standard BS 25999 and the international version ISO 22301, concentrating on the requirements of the latter standard. The fourth part of the book explains the certification process, including the different phases of the audit programme, how to prepare for it and how to maintain momentum after certification.

Finally the appendices provide two checklists. The first can be used to identify whether your management system addresses the fundamental requirements of ISO 23001, and the second can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of your business continuity management system.

In summary, this is a useful book for the inexperienced or experienced business continuity professional looking to align or seeking formal certification to the standard, or considering it, but further reference material is likely to be needed to supplement the text.

Further information: BCS

November 2012