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Antonio Cangiano

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Pragmatic Bookshelf





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9 out of 10

Every once in a while you’ll come across a book that is part instruction manual, part ‘reveal all’ story book and part testament told by a master of the subject, and I dare say this is one such book.

From start to finish, it delivers a master class on how to create and turn a technical blog into something that delivers a variety of rewards, including financial, professional, educational and personal benefits to the blogger.    

The author, Antonio Cangiano, is an accomplished blogger, with several successful blogs to his name, and in this work he literally pulls off the covers on how others can embark on the same journey to their own successful technical blogs based on his vast knowledge and experience.

One thing that becomes very clear, early on in the book is that successful blogging is not for the faint-hearted; it requires commitment, dedication and a willingness to learn and experiment, (and truly master your topic), until you hit the right formula that works for you and your audience. However, in exchange for all this effort the successful blogger will be placed in a position to reap enormous, and sometimes life-changing, rewards.

The book is structured into five distinct parts that provide the reader with a step-by-step guide to successful blogging. The first part deals with mapping and planning out the desired blog and outcome, while the second and third parts describe how to build and promote the blog respectively; all of this is covered in some exquisite detail, including example screenshots and code snippets.

The fourth part provides insight into some of the benefits to be enjoyed as a successful blogger, including: monetisation (via ads, sponsorship and affiliate marketing), career advancement, peer respect and even freebies from vendors, sponsors and some totally unexpected sources.

Finally, the book discusses how to scale a blog vertically and horizontally, for example with more content or spin-off blogs respectively. It also talks about how to leverage the power of social media to create even more buzz and drive even more traffic to your blog, or blogs.     

This book has something of value for both new and experienced bloggers, and it can be read from cover to cover, or focused in on specific topics, as needed. Perhaps best of all, it encourages the reader to put into immediate practice some of what they learnt; only through active experimentation can the full potential of this book be realised for the reader.

This work scores a brilliant 9 marks out of 10, (the remaining mark is reserved for if and when this reviewer and fellow blogger can successfully implement the advice given). Great work indeed - highly recommended.

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November 2012