C# 5.0 Pocket Reference

Joseph Albahari, Ben Albahari

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Reviewed by

Adrian Rossi PhD


10 out of 10

I have been a long-time fan of the O'Reilly Pocket Reference series and this book is no exception. It is concise, accurate, easy to read, and contains just enough examples to fully clarify the subtleties of the C# language.

If you are experienced OO developer, new to C#, this book may just be enough to get you up and running quickly with the language, even though it is billed as a reference book.

This book covers all the language features - from basic types to the advanced concepts of generics and asynchronous functions. In addition it backs up this theory with concrete, easy to understand examples.

The language is clear, concise and being a pocket reference this is a book you can carry around anywhere you go.

I highly recommend this pocket reference guide. It is good value for money and a constant go-to book for C# developers.

Further information: O'Reilly

November 2012